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Plymoth filters are the most efficient and economical solution for welding smoke and dust extraction, with over 1000m³ air per hour passing through the hood. Mount a 1.5m, 2m or 3m Flexi Extraction Arm directly to the filter and the equipment is ready for use.

The cost is most times lower than for a system with central filter and you know that you get at least 1000m³ air per hour through the hood in each working booth.

The filter has a very efficient built in Jet Pulse Cleaning System. Connect to compressed air and in a few minutes it cleans the built in filter cartridge. Then just open the door and empty the dust bin. Ready for use again!

The system is robustly built and with aluminum impeller. A 1.5m, 2m or 3m Flexi extraction arm can be mounted directly to the unit. The Flexi arms are designed with the most modern parallelogram technology which makes them extremely flexible and position stable.

30 Years experience of design and manufacturing at your service! The Plymoth products are a combination of well-proven technique and progressive new ideas.

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