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Lighting towers are a convenient way of providing light on site, roadside or for outdoor events. These telescopic lighting towers are easily setup and can be plugged into the mains or can be provided with generators when mains power is not available.

Count on our experience and diversity to ensure you get the best in competitive pricing, instant availability, and access to the best light tower models made to meet your specific needs and onsite lighting requirements.

Mosa Lighting Towers, Flood lights are powered by mains or a generator which is available as an optional extra. Working well as stand alone units or as linkable lighting chains, Mosa Lighting Towers are ideally suited to a range of outdoor or industrial site requirements.

Mosa lighting towers encompass the Starlight range, which combine the Mosa GE6000 SX/GS Super Silenced Diesel generator with telescopic site lights extending up 7 metres in height. These are ideal for road maintenance and other worksite lighting.

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