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GE 20000 LS/GS EAS

LOMBARDINI 9LD625/2 Engine, Air cooled, Diesel LINZ E1S13MD/2 Alternator, synchronous, with brushes Silenced Power: 16.0 kVA  3-phase Ready for the us with an AMF / ATS unit (EAS)


Engine Lombardini LDW 1603, water cooled, diesel Alternator MECC ALTE BTO3L/4, synchronous, with brushes Super-silenced Power: 15 kVA, three phase Ready for the use with a AMF – ATS unit (EAS)


LOMBARDINI 9LD625/2 Engine, Air cooled, Diesel MOSA Alternator, asynchronous, brushless Super Silenced (SXC) Power: 10.0 kVA single-phase / 15.0 kVA 3-phase Ready for the use with a AMF / ATS unit ( EAS)

GE 10000 SXC – SXC EAS

Engine LOMBARDINI 12LD, air cooled, diesel Alternator MOSA, asynchronous, brushless Supersilenced (SXC) Power: 10.0 kVA 3-phase Ready for the use with a AMF / ATS unit (SXC EAS)


Electronic regulation of welding current Auxiliary power (13 kVA) available while welding Ground fault interrupter protection Modern, fuel efficient, diesel engine Engine protection (oil pressure/temperature) Engine Lombardini 9LD625/2, air cooled, diesel, Alternator Mosa, asynchronous, brushless Silenced – Supersilenced Max welding current 400 A Welding Process: CC stick, TIG scratch-start Auxiliary output: CEE standard socket: 1x 32A 400V; […]

TS 250 D/EL

Engine LOMBARDINI 12LD, air cooled, diesel, Alternator MOSA, asynchronous, brushless Protective frame Max welding current 250A Welding process CC Stick / Scratch start TIG Auxiliary output: CEE socket standard: 1x 16A 400V; 1x 16A 230V; 1x 32A 48V Auxiliary power (6,5 kVA) Trolley (optional) Welds cellulose electrodes Powerful, 2-cylinder

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